Garden Fence - Fediverse Blocklist

Garden Fence

This blocklist is intended as a simple starting point for Mastodon server admins who want to protect their users from the worst and most well known sources of:

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The Blocklist

Last Updated: 2024-05-19
Block Count: 137

Downloadable Files for Import

As of version 4.1, blocklist files can be imported and exported from the admin interface, under Moderation > Federation.
The command line tool fediblock-sync available from fediblockhole can be used to import blocklists from multiple sources, including remote servers, URLs, or local files.

How is the list created?

The Garden Fence blocklist is generated with a python script:

* percentage is approximate due to rounding, and may vary as server participation changes

Reference Servers

The admins of these servers have given permission for their block lists to be used for the purpose of generating this combined blocklist:

The admins of these servers make their own determinations about which servers to block, and represent a variety of administrative styles and approaches to evaluating the importance of blocking any particular server. They do not necessarily endorse the entire content of the final blocklist, or suspensions made by other servers.

What this list is not

Neutral / Unbiased

This is not a neutral or unbiased survey of which servers are most blocked across the fediverse. It is highly biased against the various forms of unwanted content mentioned above.


This list contains only the most blocked servers among the selected group of reference servers. Some of these servers on their own have much longer blocklists, and there are surely other servers that you may wish to block that are not listed.

It also does not necessarily represent all of the different kinds of content that you might want to block depending on the goals and values of your particular server, such as porn, crypto, bots, etc.

It is also highly biased towards English content, and may not provide good coverage for content in other languages.


Updates are typically processed and reviewed once a week.

Other Blocklists

One of the aims of the Garden Fence blocklist is simplicity. There is only one list, it can be used for manual or automatic import, and I aim to keep it as straightforward as I can.

It might not suit your needs though. These are some other lists which you might find useful: